Thursday, September 23, 2004

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

The most influential person in my life would probably be the drunk driver that hit me, paralysing me from the neck down.

I hope Dad isn't offended that I didn't say it was him.


dubs said...

First! Finally some political commentary.

Anonymous said...

too much political commentary!


Rob said...

Whatever your dad thinks, Gupta's dad is pround of you.

Rob said...

This is Rob Zammarchi.

Jack said...

Man, fucking Lannon SUCKS! I'm so tired of Lannon's shit! I mean, pretty much all of varsity is a big load of crap, but LANNON! WOW! What a suck! What do you guys think Klumb and Bintz are gonna do?

Ben said...

I'm not sure if Vali's Views is the proper forum for this sort of thing, but I feel compelled to share the following excerpt from Kobe Bryant's initial interview with the Eagle County Sheriff's Dept.:

Detective Loya: Did you pull her panties down or did she pull them down?

Bryant: Laughter ...I pulled them down. Cause she lifted, she lifted her skirt up so I could, so I could grab her butt. (Inaudible) ...I was you know just doing regular things, all of a sudden man she lifted up her skirt. (Inaudible) ...and then from behind and then you know she grabbed (inaudible).

Detective Loya: With her vagina?

Bryant: Yes.

I also feel compelled to report that I have a great idea for a horror movie about a vagina that can grab.

SC said...

Can anyone give me Sylvester's e-mail address?

Anonymous said...


SC said...

Nick - Can you tell me the name of that album with the Southeast Asian pop from the '60s?

Anonymous said...

Steam Kodok: 26 A Go-Go Ultrarities from the Sixties Singapore and South-East Asia Underground

It came out on Gray Past in 2003. Here's a link to a place you can buy it on CD or LP (but not tape) --

otherwise i can get you these tracks illicitly. let me know how you roll.

are you hely?