Friday, September 24, 2004

Kerry in Cambodia

If I was John Kerry and I was in Cambodia on December 24th, 1968, I would have made sure to leave a small paper trail. Then when reporters asked me for the truth during the 2004 Presidential campaign, I could hand them each an old Reader's Digest and say "Open that baby up to the 'Humor in Uniform' section. I rest my case."


strach said...

I have found a girlfriend for Jeff Gordon Sucks and her name is Megan ( She has this to say:

today was kinda bad. i cried in school and everybody asked what was wrong. a teacher was role playing something and i didn't know that she was and she said that something i did was dumb. then i was mad at myself for being hurt by it. idk. oh well. that's about all i have to say for right now except that now everything's going pretty good. c ya.
megan :-)

also, for all you boys out there who want to know what an average girl does on an average day, it's a lot like this:

we have heaven's gates and hell's flames until wednesday now ... two more times of getting dragged to hell. when the demons drag you in they like throw you when you're in and they threw me last night and fell into hell and i have a huge bruise. it's all blue and purple. oh well. hopefully druggies will get saved through this because they'll see that they're going to hell. well, i have to go to school now. c ya.
megan :-)

v.DANGER said...


I used to have to think. Now I can just read

It seems obvious that Megan's first post of today was a reaction to my Kerry in Cambodia thoughts. See for yourself (from Megan's blog):

i just realized that alot of people are for bush. no offense to kerry people, but if you're one you might not want to read this. i really don't like kerry. he's for abortion. he's just against late-term abortion. he's also for gay rights. that's something that this country DOES NOT need. we don't need any of this. so many babies die from abortion it's not even funny. there's a lot of kids that should be in our school right now, but they're not because their mother had an abortion. that's so stupid. gay rights isn't good either. read about sodom and gomorrah and tell me that america isn't turning into that. you can't. if you told me that then it would be a lie. kerry CAN'T win this election. bush is the person to win. well, i'm going to go now. c ya.
megan :-)

You win this round, Megan.

Jason Mulgrew said...


jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

v.DANGER said...


I'm not sure how to react to this, given your comments on these other sites:

You seem a bit one-note.

strach said...

No one can fault Megan for noting abortion is one of the top causes of death in babies.

v.DANGER said...


Agreed. Megan does an excellent job highlighting not only the important correlation between abortion and baby deaths but also the magnitude of the problem. She writes, "so many babies die from abortion it's not even funny." With these words, Megan beckons those who might have become disenchanted with the pro-choice camp. She may as well have written: "I understand the abortion figures of yesteryear were so low as to invoke laughter. However today, in the place of the laughter, that once drew you to the pro-choice side of the debate, is a steely silence due to nothing funny happening. Without laughter, wouldn't you prefer (pro-)life?"

Bravo Megan. Bravo.

SC said...

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