Sunday, September 26, 2004

Advice for this debutante season

I’ve found that when going to dinner parties, it’s always a good idea to carry a severed thumb. That way, if dinner is boring, you can pretend you accidentally cut your thumb off and leave “to the hospital” immediately. Or, if one of your thumbs is somehow crushed during dinner, you can calm everyone down by saying, “Nobody panic. I have an extra thumb in my right hand pocket.”


SC said...

"Casino Evil"? That's what they came up with?

Save The West For Last
West Years Of Our Lives
The West and the Brightest
Personal West are some better titles I thought of.

dubs said...

Westly Snipes

Get with the now, Internet:

Junior said...

“Casino Evil” was co-authored by John P. Blickstead ’06 and Margaret Shipstead ’05.

Blickstead and Shipstead? Holy fucking Christ-shit.

“It’s bawdy, funny...and promises to be one of the edgier shows we’ve done,” Blickstead said.

Excuse me while I fuck myself with a heroin dildo.

v.DANGER said...

I also can't help but mention that there is no mention of a casino or even gambling in general in the, rather verbose, description of this show.

NBS said...

i'm still partial to the title for my pudding script from 2002 about god communicating to men through instant messenger: "AIMen" -- also of note, the script called for 300 G5 imacs