Saturday, September 18, 2004

What a bunch of idiots

Have any of those whiny "glass-is-half-empty" people ever considered just using a smaller glass?


conrad said...

Score one for trenchancy. Someone tell Garry Trudeau he better watch his ass.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Yank, if anyone's going to the Stanford party tonight I'm bringing a bottle of Soju.

Anonymous said...

Yank again, hey Vali, here's that website I was telling you about:

Jack said...

Hey, Vali? This website ( is nice, but it's not as good as the other website ( that you also maintain and that is even awesomer.

v.DANGER said...

Dearest Jack:

I am not sure what caused the confusion, but I do not maintain I retype: I do not maintain

In any case, since the subject has already been broached allow me to provide a bonus Vali's View.

Bonus Saturday Vali's View:
While we can all agree that Jeff Gordon is a dispicable human being, capable of the most egregious crimes against humanity, he is without doubt a gifted turner of steering wheels and presser of gas pedals. His breaking ability leaves a bit to be desired.

Affectionately yours,

Junior said...


In your Bonus Vali View, you spelled "despicable" wrong and I am almost certain you meant to type "braking" instead of "breaking."

Your super-fan,
Lorniza "Junior" Harrington

Junior said...

Please amend the phrase "Vali View" in the preceding comment to read "Vali's View."

L. Harrington

SC said...

Last night I went to MacFarlane's party. It was ok, nothing too amazing. He has a cool house with a sweeping view of Burbank. I got pretty drunk, which was nice.

How was that Stanford thing?

SC said...

Man, we should all be living more like the guy who runs Jeff Gordon Sucks. Check out this awesome day he had - why aren't we doing these things?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Today was an awesome day again. i woke up around noon as usual and then i beet my grandma in scrabble. shes like the beset at scrabble and to beat her is really hard so that was fun. then i went tubing today and it was kinda choppy but none the less it was very smooth since they weren't any boats at all and my stomach kinda hurt cause i just had a soda but it was still awesome. The highlight of the day ws driving the jet boat. that boat is freaking awesome. its like driving a giant jet ski. its actually my uncles since he also lives on the lake so i dont get to ride in it a lot, but i never have drove a boat in my life besides a normal jetski, so that made it even better. i thiought i did a pretty damn good job driving that boat and it wasn't that hard to handle either. we tried to hit the seagulls and almost succeeded but they got away but we did hit some pretty big waves which is just tight. i am tired from driving that right now as im typing this but it was well worth it.

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