Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Not sure if I stole this

If I like white milk better than chocolate milk, does that make me lactose intolerant?


Anonymous said...

No, just blacktose intolerant.

Anonymous said...

more likely you have a mild caffeine allergy or a simple distate for chocolate. fact is, there is no substantial difference in the lactose contents of chocolate and regular milk.

i suggest trying lactaid chocolate milk - then you'll know for sure what the problem is.

well, i'm off to murder a racist baby.


v.DANGER said...


So if I understand correctly, you fall in the "blacktose intolerant" camp.


v.DANGER said...


You are playing with fire, sister.


johnty said...

If you really like meats, and were totally pissed off by the numbers of dairy goods at your local food store, all taking up valuable fridge and freezer space, perhaps then you would be called lactose intolerant.

v.DANGER said...


Nobody understands the spirit of my postings better than yourself.