Monday, April 04, 2005


If ever challeneged to a duel and asked to name my weapon of choice, I'd request a plastic rake. That would make everyone think I was really brazen. And my fierce display of bravado would probably send a chill of terror down my opponent's spine. Also, most people do not have plastic rakes readily avaliable. So that would buy me ample time to run away.


BJN said...


v.DANGER said...

Thanks to the mysterious DC for the tip!


Anonymous said...

do you mean to tell me it's been fully 2 weeks since vali has had a bloggable view? add valisviews to the heap of once-vibrant blogs that are now extinct. when aliens walk the planet 40,000 years from now and they unearth this blog, preserved in amber and surrounded by brian eno music, they're gonna wonder why they don't just look at porn.


Erikka said...

Your clever ideas could save your should get the rights on this!

v.DANGER said...


I'm am working on this through my legal council: Johnty.

johnty said...

Bit of advice then, better to conceal any evidence of pre-meditation in your plans for the plastic rake.

I once got caught shoplifting with foil-lined pocket and the police weren't too impressed. Didn't work for one thing,