Thursday, May 12, 2005

Do the math, people

It's crazy that people think that, "one in the hand is worth two in the bush." I mean on one hand you have one thing, while on the other you have two things and a bush. That's a total of three things!


v.DANGER said...

Special bonus view:

"In most cases I'd go so far as to say, 'One in the hand is less than or, at best, equal to just a bush.'"

alternatively, consider:

"...And what if those two things in the bush were awesome and rare Pink Floyd bootleg tapes? Meanwhile, you're sitting there with one piece of poop in your hand."

You're welcome.


v.DANGER said...

Vali's Views Phat Phact:

Vali's Views is the second search result if one searches "girls wanting boyfriends" (without the quotes) on

Vali's Views Prediction:
Yahoo! will be bankrupt within 6 months.

You heard it here first.

Ben said...


Would you be so kind as to detail the circumstances under which you typed "girls wanting boyfriends" into the search engine and, in so doing, the number of girlfriends you have successfully acquired?


v.DANGER said...


I searched "girls wanting boyfriends" on Yahoo! because I had already exhausted all of the google search results.

Affectionately yours,