Thursday, October 26, 2006

Special Non-fiction Vali's View

Overheard at Barnes & Noble

Old Man #1: They've got a lot of great books here.
Old Man #2: They really do!

Note: Old Man #1 and Old Man #2 met each other for the first time, seconds before the above exchange took place, in the Barnes & Noble check-out line.


Anonymous said...

Oh, now you blog all the time now. Sheesh.

I waited two years for this!


NBS said...


v.DANGER said...

It took me two years to craft this post to perfection.

Dr. K said...

Is this the same Vali chandrasekaran from 'my name is earl'... Gre8 blog Sir!

v.DANGER said...

Dr. K:

It is indeed. I assume I'm writing to Dr. K, my high-school civics teacher.

Dr. K said...

If i tell you , im afraid i'll have to kill.... your cat! (i changed my mind midway into the sentence.)