Thursday, February 10, 2005

Not worth the trip

My son thinks it would be fun to go back in time and see the dinosaurs. But scientists tell us that most dinosaurs were in bed by 9PM. What’s my son going to do after that? Sit at the bar by himself?


SC said...

I can't wait to show your real son the wild uses to which you put his hypothetical existence.

v.DANGER said...


Good luck. The first time anyone from the outside world shall meet him will be his Fields Medal Award Ceremony.

Anonymous said...

what happened to all the naked dark-skinned indian men?

o i c now. i was looking for valiviews, not valisviews. the error is mine. on to the porn!


v.DANGER said...


I am working with scientists from the nation's top universities to develop an Internet V that will be able to handle the traffic generated by the pornographic photos of Vali website.

We are in the final design stages. However, the plan is currently unimplementable given the limited size of the earth.

I can say no more.